Why does anyone buy a boat in the first place? The answer is, of course, to have fun. Boating is about fun and escapism; it is a key element in the lives of many people. To take a boat out and to go somewhere gives a moment of total freedom, and a great way of relaxing. It has that magic ingredient that attracts millions of participators worldwide. Duodrive stands out as a breath of fresh air within leisure marine. It's modern not traditional or familiar. It always looks for an edge or point of difference. It's creative and newsworthy. We tell it straight. We never compromise nor accept second best. Every Duodrive performance product is the result of 1,000 hrs of relentless testing. Our focus is ruthless. Our strategy is unique. Boating is our soul... Duodrivewould. Propulsion is an integral part of boat design for us. So much so, we have enabled our own computational fluid dynamics (CFD) test facility to train our engineers in hydrodynamics. Our passion for propulsion has led to the development of our award-winning Duodrive system. It's the most efficient shaft-driven propulsion system in existence, boasting increased efficiencies of up to 30 percent over standard systems. We've taken the lessons learnt into all of our products achieving class-leading performance.For you, this means a smoother, quicker, cheaper and faster drive. Now can you see the benefits? Move your mouse over the images to see the comparison with a standard drive system. Slipstream from Duodrive's counter-rotating propellers is almost smooth and straight, with little twist. The rotational energy imparted to the water by the forward of the two propellers is cancelled out by the opposite rotation of the rearward propeller, dramatically reducing waste. Improved thrust, acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency is the result. You shouldn’t have to. Supreme comfort and performance comes as standard in the new award-winning Duodrive system. Alongside our technical partners, we have developed a propeller combination that perfectly compliments your boat.For planning and semi-displacement hulls, they’ll lift you up on to the plane in the shortest possible time. If it’s a displacement hull, then they’ll smoothly take you to your chosen speed with remarkable efficiency and thrust. And you’ll be delighted with the straight, true tracking. Our propellers work together, through twin counter-rotation, to accelerate you more effortlessly. We’ll discuss your application with you so you can expect maximum efficiency in terms of ultimate speed, fuel efficiency and smoothness of operation. And the benefits extend beyond performance. Inside, we’ve targeted a reduction in ambient noise and a much smoother ride. All this so your passengers can relish the trip almost as much as the helmsperson. Well, we said almost. For you, this means smoother, quieter and more efficient drive. Making the ordinary, extraordinary. We’re about to make a big splash. Our engineers have started working on an exciting new concept in propeller design to complement our existing, extraordinary, range. We’re taking the boundary and extending it even further still. We’re taking our time; we won’t release it until we’ve honed it to perfection. When we do, you’ll be the first to know. At Duodrive, we believe leadership is about vision. We believe it is about knowing where you are going and persuading others that your vision is right. Without doing so, we believe you simply cannot succeed. Do you believe in the power of belief? Aimed at shaft-driven boats, this unique system delivers faster acceleration, higher top speeds, better fuel consumption and reduced vibration. The Duodrive system provides a methodology for improving motorboat performance by combining sterndrive performance with shaft drive installations. This technology gives a method of creating counter-rotating output from a single input and is designed to be both retrofitable and factory fit. Owners of existing shaft driven craft too can benefit from the significant efficiency improvements brought about by this invention. The Duodrive System brings significant efficiency improvements. Counter-rotating propellers eliminate waste. In this type of installation, two propellers are positioned one immediately ahead of the other on the same shaft line, but rotating in opposite directions. The rotational energy imparted to the water by the forward of the two propellers is cancelled out by the opposite rotation of the rearward propeller. The slipstream from counter-rotating propellers is almost smooth and straight, with little twist. When a single propeller accelerates water into itself from ahead and expels it astern, it generates thrust like a jet engine. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of the power delivered to the propeller also goes into twisting the water around, creating the helically-shaped propeller wake. This energy is exhausted and does nothing in providing propulsion, or drive; it is, simply, wasted. Duodrive's concept of counter-rotating propellers aims at dramatically reducing this waster effect and is expected to be 15 to 40 per cent, dependant upon configuration, more efficient than standard, single propeller sets. The Duodrive product is a self-contained, maintainable sealed mechanism initially intended for the marine leisure industry. It is designed to slot in between a recipient craft's gearbox output shaft and its driveshaft through-hull gland. After substituting the recipient craft's driveshaft with a shorter dual shaft arrangement, the Counter-Rotating Shaft Drive Mechanism slots into place. Benefits resulting from the introduction of this new technology are significantly increased efficiencies through performance gains, reduced operating costs and environment improvements.Expertise from 7 years on the racetrack. A ruthless belief in our philosophy. Our products are a culmination of everything we have learnt so far - all distilled into the breathtaking Duodrive system, amongst others. Now it's time to judge for yourself. By the look of it, we've learnt quite a lot. We never promised it would be easy. All you have to do is to decide which is right for you. Usethe details and links on this screen to contact us. Take your time. Duodrive Limited Pine House London Road Capel St Mary Ipswich Suffolk IP9 2JJ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1473 730263 Fax: +44 (0)1473 730263 email: mail@duodrive.co.uk Honest. Straightforward. Flexible. That's what you get, right from placing your deposit. Duodrive products are highly efficient. And that means they're competitive too. Each of our main processes has been perfected through years of questioning, testing, honing and developing. Our racing background has taught us a lot. If you want to ensure the greatest possible safety, reliability and longevity, while getting the most for your money, you keep your eye on every detail. If you're a Duodrive engineer, you go as far as you possibly can. A bit further. And then even further still. Savings we make during development are reflected back through our product pricing. And by the look of it, there's been quite a lot. Duodrive system installations typically start at 4,500 including VAT and labour per engine. The average cost of installation can be recovered within 500 hours of running**. And that doesn't include the many intangible benefits. Interested? Your Duodrive engineer will supply you with a full written quotation after your survey. Piece of mind? Our project management services typically start at just 4% of the project value. If it's a refurbishment, rebuild or new boat that you're after, that's not a lot for piece of mind. Sit back a relax knowing that we never compromise nor accept second best. Your Duodrive project management specialist will be able to supply you with a written quotation following initial contact. Lean thinking. At Duodrive, we love what we do. We concentrate on our engineering tasks with a refreshing back to basics approach. We'll define solutions that meet your needs. Clear, simple and uncomplicated. Contact us with your requirements, and we'll reply promptly with a written estimate. All Duodrive products are made to our exacting standards. But we take nothing for granted. So all of our products are covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty*. You can extend this period of cover with a Duodrivecare Guarantee and give yourself piece of mind for up to a further three years. During 2003, Duodrive was one of only a handful of companies to receive a Smart award from by Government's Department of Trade and Industry At Duodrive, belief is everything. It's the belief that we have the power to change things. To make the ordinary, extraordinary. To question the status quo. To take a boundary and extend it. Our engineers believed that they could create the perfect shaft-drive propulsion. We had the expertise from 7 years on the racetrack. And we believed in our philosophy – the power of belief. So judge for yourself: our products are a culmination of everything we have learnt so far. By the look of it, that's quite a lot. Click on side menu to explore Duodrive's product in further detail. During 2003, Duodrive was one of only a handful of companies to receive a Smart award from by Government's Department of Trade and Industry. Smart projects involve researching and developing innovative technologies that have commercial prospects to maintain and support growth of business in England. Duodrive was founded to commercially exploit technology encompassed by its globally registered inventions. Aimed at shaft-driven motorboats, these innovative concepts promise customers faster acceleration, higher top speeds, better fuel consumption and less vibration. Duodrive received the Smart award to develop its highly innovative Duodrive System. Key aspects of this technology were researched, developed and tested. Many iterative steps were taken to develop a series of innovative and novel products that break new ground in the motorboat market. At Duodrive, we have a single-minded dedication that will take us to the top. Behind it all, there's a self confident, self absorbed group of individuals with a reckless self-belief and fearsome motivation. The reason? To succeed and to win. We've project managed a bit. At Duodrive, we've used Formula One racing as a training ground for our engineers. It’s challenged them to think in new ways. This environment is arguably the most public, powerful and high-tensile challenge in motorsport. The right attitude is a prerequisite of survival. So you could say we know a thing or two about managing projects. At Duodrive, our depth of knowledge and resources allows us to manage projects from procurement to installations and final delivery efficiently and to a deadline. Whether installing new engines, refurbishing or buying a new boat, we’ll keep it all on track. We'll manage resource workloads, expenses, resolve over allocation issues, and implement a critical path. Inevitably, along the way, we'll save you considerable time and expense. Choose the level of management you want – from periodic audit, to regular heath checks to full responsibility. Then sit back and relax, knowing that we never compromise nor accept second best. Your Duodrive project manager is only a telephone call away, ready and able to action your requests. Success can be addictive – however much you achieve, you endup craving for more. You find yourself in it for the long haul, driven by the desire to give it your all, fuelled by enthusiasm and commitment. Little wonder, then, that we at Duodrive just want to keep on succeeding. Not just to defend our unique status, but to extend our advantage over our fellow competitors. At Duodrive, we are proud to offer detailed design, manufacture and engineering services at competitive prices. We're not famed for our casual approach, either. We're relentless in our approach to day-to-day business, and our focus on detail is ruthless. There's simply fewer boundaries that way. At Duodrive, belief is everything -- the belief that we have the power to change things. To take a boundary and extend it. Our engineers will help you overcome engineering issues. We'll spend time designing and refining solutions to meet your needs. Whether it's a new bracket for your radio, a mounting for your dingy, or a base station for your anchor our attitude is the same. We believe that what you can't see is as important as what you can. It's why this antenna adaptor on motorboat Testing Times is shaped as it is. It doesn't just only look great, it's functional too. Not only are the spanner flats sized correctly, they're the same size as those on the bolts holding her radar arch place. A millimeter gap here and there. It can make the difference between something working OK and working brilliantly. Some call it going the extra mile. We call it the power of belief. To discuss your own needs with our engineering department, please contact us via the details listed within the contact tab on this site. At Duodrive, we replace a lot ofsterngear. So often, we're able to supplyreconditioned propellers and shafts for the more ordinary application. Our engineers are fastidious about this too. Before we part with them, propellers are pitch checked, carefully balanced and finally inspected. Shafts are rigorously checked for trueness and corrosion. Each item leaves us with a full condition report. At Duodrive, we believe that what you can't see is as important as what you can. Our stock can be varied -- to discuss your needs with our engineering department, please contact us via the details listed within the contact tab on this site. Duodrive picks the best of certain aerospace and motorsport technologies and applies them to motorboats. It is a high-technology business that manifests itself in a number of different ways. In some ways it's hardware through the type of machine tool employed. In other ways it's software for the analysis of fluid flow. But in a big way, it's people with knowledge skills and application. Formula 1 applies high technology solutions faster than any other industry. To survive in F1 you need the right attitude. You keep it simple and honest. You never compromise nor accept second best. Born out of Formula 1, Duodrive epitomises these characteristics; its focus is ruthless. Every word, every action and every thought is about winning. Duodrive's founders have been at the heart of F1 for many years. A deep sense of commitment, combined with a true competitive spirit, are now magic ingredients. At Duodrive, we are clear, simple and uncomplicated. We love what we do. We just love it even more when we do it well. Craig Pollock, Team Principle of British American Racing F1 Team 1998 to 2001: "...Great guy to work with and one of the most respected..." Adrian Reynard, Chairman Reynard Motorsport: “ Fantastic!” Jeremy Dewhurst, Managing Director, AMP (Harlow) 1996-1999: "....the best logical thinker - Europe's finest young guy at understanding this type of technicality..." Keith Rowles, Director M/A-COM: “ …As an engineer in your industry you’re unique. Your drive and determination is extraordinary. You have achieved beyond the highest of expectations…” Duodrive performance shaft drives and propellers counter rotating propellers and shaft drives performance stern gear Marine project management Marine Engineering The Seen